Progress and a United View of Liberty

With the state and pace of progress in the society of today, the world is greatly being overwhelmed. People has become disoriented with the rush of changes that happens in the environment, and their distinct responses to these, caused the rise of different practices and beliefs of today. This resulted to a number of differences that led to divisions that has either, recognized or closeted ideologies, practices and even identities.

It is for a fact that this era is where the generation of non-binary identities are of its quest for recognition. They have introduced a community of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Transsexual, Queers, and many more. The society is undeniably overwhelmed but has managed to cater a space for this community to belong. Sciences are of its utmost assistance and support to them given they have developed systems and technologies to help pursue the cause of the LGBTQIAAP Community. However, as mentioned, people have different ways of responding and reacting to this change, and some are patterned under an upheld belief that mostly is religious.

Religious moral standards oppose mostly the introduced ideals of the rainbow community. Some even has viewed the situation a societal problem. This argument caused a lot of deliberation in terms of social and political matters concerning engagements for the community. Moreover, this is seen to have become a suppression of liberty in the perspectives of those that is part and an “ally” of the community. Discrimination from the mainstream population to the community is rampant and is alarming, for it has engaged with abuse and violence. The LGBTQIAAP community has become the target of these crimes. This seem to indicate that morally and religiously active people, especially the older generations are somehow establishing a stigma that widens the gap of the ideologies advocated by the community to the whole society.

This diversion that happens halted the growth that the society is aiming. People are divided and are fighting instead of coming together for one goal. We have confused progress with defying what change has come instead of opening up to new things. This is where things fall apart and has become chaotic. We have lost unity in vision of the future for we are too caught up with “preserving” the past, and that is where we lost a step forward. We have confused as well the liberty that time has given, as an opportunity for the society to evolve. We had, and still are, refusing the opportunities that this era is offering for evolving the society into a better, and inclusive one, where acceptance and unity is mobilized against a large-scale societal, moral, and physiological chaos. Yet, we failed to see this.

With this, I must say, it is high time we loosen up our hold from the conservative ideals of the past and start recognizing the existence of opportunities to better the society. For one, in the locality, let it be of knowledge, the existence and aims of Ladlad Caraga Incorporated –a group founded by Ysang Semacio Bacasmas, where they aim to lead and push social acceptance of the LGBTQIAAP community and render public services to both the community and the mainstream population. The group created opportunities as well for the talents and skills of the LGBT’s that was once closeted by fear of the judgments of the people. The Pilipinas Got Talent (Third Season) Grand Champion –Loverkadakids, which represented the locality nationwide were produced, supported and assisted by the group. Many other groups of such are advocating for the same cause and undeniably they have achieved the purpose of elevating the youth and everyone willing, to reach their goals and dreams.

Imagine if we are able to have incorporated this as well to every existing institution in our locality and the country as a whole, we might have been able to accelerate more, our progress. No delays will be expected along the way like, diversion in the society, discrimination, violence, abuse and the likes. For a fact, LGBTQIAAP community has raised the people’s status through their desired liberty and fight for acceptance and space in the community. May we all be able to see and appreciate it, and may we all be able to help in aiming the right progress through a shared vision of things.